The Pantry

 Not ours, but awesome!

(most of these things need to be canned by you to be totally safe otherwise they are noted as name brand or will have helpful instructions on HOW to preserve them.)

Whole tomatoes
Tomato sauce/Crushed tomatoes (you can seive this or process it through mechanism for extra smooth sauces)
Ketchup (you make it!!!  recipe)
Canned fruits
Pie fillings (fruits, berries which have been canned by YOU)
Eden mustard
Canned Tuna (Some of these are safe. For the most part they are not. I can list brands that are currently on my OKAY FOR NOW list, because you never know when a company will go to the dark side)
Green beans
Corn (I think by now most folks know the deal with corn is that it is heavily modified, it resembles corn as we knew it, it is nearly impossible to even grow any that hasn't been modified- the best you can do is either grow it or not have it)
Peanut butter (mold and issues with nut butters)
Assorted pickles (this can be a LOT of different veggies along with the common pickle)
Pure maple syrup
Vanilla extract
Almond extract
any mint oils or citrus oils you like (noting that vinegars, citrus, and marinades of any kind break down protein when SITTING for long periods of time or cooked with high temperatures)
Hot sauce

A pantry from the old days!

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