Kitchen gear

I rarely buy utensils.  I  mainly use pots and pans that have the ability to be included in my will.  I have never treated myself to good towels or good potholders.  My kitchen was filled with not only delicious baked goods, but a lot of cursing.  I burned my digits every time I'd reach for something! Until now...

I have the best potholders I have used to date.

My New Year's resolution is FUNCTION!  To buy only things which I need, have function and can help me be a taskmaster.  

The potholders were made with love and care in South Dakota.  South Dakota?  Yep.  I'm not big on shipping things all around the globe, but hell, IKEA ships things from factories in the poorest countries in the world to their giant box stores all over the globe in the "developed" countries so it seems silly for me to split hairs and have guilt about getting some upcycled ones sent directly to me from the maker.

The kind lady who made them has a store, Pieces Of Olde, where you can get many other things she has made.  I selected the potholders because I'm a sucker for function.  There are aprons and other home lovelies there. The totes and pillows are really nice for the folks that like the full imagery of the feedsacks -- which are usually full of visual interest, nostalgia and tenderness.

The potholders are made from feedsack, ticking and other vintage fabrics.  They are cotton and frankly, wonderful. The potholder section of her store. 
Mmmm look at that butter colored pair!  Be mindful of dimensions when ordering.  I'm certain you'll love them.

Available still at Pieces Of Olde

Whether pulling a lasagna or bread from the oven, my hands are thankful for her hard work.